Fiba Tech Industries Limited Names Extol of Ohio, Inc. Exclusive USA Insulation Market Representatives of FibaClad and FibaRoll

FTI - Redefining Protection Technology

Extol of Ohio, Inc., representing the FibaClad™ and FibaRoll™ GRP Products for many years in the United States is pleased to announce that Neil Smallwod, Managing Director of Fiba Tech Industries Limited, UK, in a letter dated 13 March, 2017, confirms that “Extol of Ohio, Inc. are now the exclusive representatives of Fiba Tech Industries in the Insulation Market in the USA.  Extol of Ohio are the only company authorized to use the protected trade marks FibaClad™ and FibaRoll™ in this market area.”  Extol of Ohio, Inc. is pleased to continue representing this innovative non-metallic cladding system for mechanical piping and equipment in the industrial insulation market.