High Performance FOAMGLAS® Insulation

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High Performance FOAMGLAS® Insulation – Closed cellular insulation has exceptional water and vapor properties. Choosing the right insulation for a high moisture application can prove to be a challenge. High Performance FOAMGLAS ® Insulation has the physical properties to be a top performer in a wide range of applications. Direct Burial, Chilled Water, LNG are all critical systems and are no match for FOAMGLAS® Insulation.

In addition to the low perm rating, FOAMGLAS® Insulation offers exceptional compressive strength and will not burn. Precision fabrication by Extol of Ohio, Inc. insures the integrity of each piece used in industrial, commercial and building applications for cryogenic, cold or high temperature process piping and equipment systems (-450°F to +900°F or-268°C to +482°C ).  Low predictable energy costs and complete fabrication capabilities Extol also offers energy analysis, specification information, installation guidelines and insulation thickness guidelines information.  Let your technical representative from Extol of Ohio, Inc. help you with your next project.   1-800-486-9865.

Extol of Ohio Inc. Precision Fabricated FOAMGLAS® Cellular InsulationDOWNLOAD Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS® Cellular Insulation PDS

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Extol Spotlight on High Performance FOAMGLAS® Insulation


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