EXTOL stands for EXcellent TOLerance! Extol of Ohio, Inc., as a fabricator of cellular and moisture resistant thermal Industrial insulation products finds itself in a unique position to provide manufacturing and technical support to the engineering community involved in process control of pipe and equipment systems for high and low temperature applications. Extol products and services have been generated over the years from influences by Contractors, Distributors, Engineers and Owners in an effort to provide ease in installation of the highest performing insulation materials and cladding systems available with the most economical installed costs.

Engineers may specify “as Fabricated by Extol of Ohio, Inc. or approved equal” with the utmost confidence. Extol, formerly Styro Fabricators has been in existence since the 1950’s. With over 60 years experience in the fabrication business, we have long been invovled with ASTM committees and the improvement of tolerance requirements. Extol meets the exacting standards of ASTM C 450 and C 585. Additionally, our specialty insulation systems have been developed to produce insulation pieces that form fit the pipe, fitting, valve or vessel and further that match a pre-formed jacket or jacket cover appropriate for the hot, cold or dual system. Nesting of multiple insulation layers is assured due to our exacting tolerances and consistent, concentric production of pipe covering. Composite insulation systems are available; Extol can combine most any insulation materials in an effort to provide the best aspects each insulation material(s) to meet the requirements of the application.

We welcome you to the Extol Engineer’s Corner. Our knowledgeable sales force and support staff will aid in technical and design assistance. Extol works closely with manufacturers to obtain recommended thickness and cladding recommendations for each specific application and a recommended insulation specification per application. Extol aids the engineer in obtaining the comparison of materials for installed costs, performance of the system for heat gain or heat loss and return on investment. Look to us for research and development of new applications for insulation products.

Energy Analysis Forms: The following forms were designed to help simplify the Insulation decision process. Simply fill out the form that applies to your project, and a member of Extols’ staff will contact you:

 Above-Ground Insulation Applications

Under-Ground Insulation Applications

Helpful Articles: We hope to make this section a valuable knowledgebase to those working in the Insulation Industry. Here you will find helpful articles from around the web pertaining to fabricated insulation.

 Helpful Articles

Manufacturer MSDS: The following page contains a listing of all the MSDS’s for materials fabricated by Extol. You may also find categorized listings in our Materials Section:

 Manufacturer MSDS

Insulation Installation Guidelines: This page contains a listing of Installation Guides by Manufacturers for insulation materials fabricated by Extol.

 Manufacturer Installation Guidelines

Insulation Specification Information: This page contains a listing of all the Specifier Information by Manufacturers for insulation materials fabricated by Extol.

 Manufacturer Insulation Specification Information

Insulation Thickness Guides: These guides help when choosing insulation thickness for your specific application:

 Thickness Guides

Useful Charts – These charts aid greatly when choosing Extol Fabricated Insulation. They include properties for many mainstream applications as well as helpful conversions, guides to building codes, etc.

 Useful Charts for Ordering Extol Fabricated Insulation

Manufacturer LEED Information: These documents contain environmental credit information, helpful in passing savings onto your company!:

 Extol LEED Credit Information