Extols’ State-Of-The-Art Facility in Norwalk Ohio!

Extol – Quality Pipe, Fitting, Valve and Vessel Insulation

Maureen – Friendly Smile to Greet You, Processes Invoices and HR

Michelle – Order Entry and So Much More

Margie – Comptroller, Financials, Credit Manager

Jim – Inside Sales and Technical Representative

Bob – Administration, Inside Sales and Technical Representative

Sherri – Inside Sales and Order Expediting

Mike – National Sales Manager

Extol – Precise, Imaginative, Creative, Inventive, Resourceful

Extol – Committed to Meeting On-Time Performance Schedules

Reviewing Core Inventory Stacked on Pallets

Cellular Glass Fab Pallets

Inspecting Materials on Pallets

Checking Size of Core Inventory on Pallet

Layout of Material on Table

Set Up is Critical to Producing Precision Cut Shapes

Routing Pipe Insulation Inner Diameters

Raw Materials Are Cut Into Various Block Sizes

Checking the Fit of Pipe Covering with Ship Lap Ends

Mitred Elbow Insulation Fittings

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