Extols’ State-Of-The-Art Facility in Norwalk Ohio!

Applying a Coating to Mitred Elbow Insulation Covers

Finishing Coating the Exterior of a Mitered Insulation Elbow

Set Up Test to Confirm Long Radius Elbow Fit

Measuring Insulation Elbow Total Outer Diameter

Insulation Elbow Shape is Checked for Fit to PVC or Metal Cover

Exact Fit of Long Radius Elbow is Critical for Insulation System Performance

Both Halves of Insulation Exhibit Precision Fit on Elbow

Pipe Fit Test

Applying Jacketing

PVC Jacket Rolls

Self Sealing Lap on Factory Applied Pipe Insulation Jackets Speed Installation

Ends of Pipe Covering Are Trimmed Square to Assure a Quality Installation

Asphalt Applied to Outer Diameter of Cellular Glass in Preparation to Apply an Exterior Jacket

Jacket or Cladding Factory Applied Speeds Installation on the Job

Each Piece of Cellular Glass is Packaged With Protective Wrap

Our Precision Contoured Engineered Head Segments are Labelled Per Course for Ease in Installation

Curved Sidewall Segments Are Contoured and Belleved for Precise Fit on Vessel

Jacketing and Cladding Supplied Cut to Fit with Minimum 2 Inch Overlap

Finished Product Exhibits Uniform Pipe Size and Insulation Thickness

Large Cartons Are Sealed And Have Side Cut Handholds for Ease In Jobsite Material Handling

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