Extol of Ohio, Inc. furnishes “Excel-Lap��� a precision fabricated shiplap on all butt and longitudinal joints of pipe covering, fittings and curved sidewall segments. The longitudinal joints have a ‘key type joint’, while the ends have a ‘male/female��� connection. We developed “Excel-Lap” to provide an economical factory-fabricated insulation system, which lowers labor costs upon installation by allowing the benefits of a double layer application in just one layer for cold applications.


Pre-Cut shiplap joints of “Excel-Lap” define only one method of installation application, thus, assuring that all joints in your cold system are “staggered”.  These inter-locking joints eliminate through joints to the pipe upon installation.  The risk of moisture, frost or ice build up is reduced.  As fittings tend to present the greatest problem area in any installion, Extol’s two-piece construction with a shiplap on the throat, heel and ends of the fitting, insure against thermal breaks in the pipe.  Our two-piece fittings, fabricated to exact ASTM C 450 and C 585 dimensions conform to the shape of the fittings AND additionally conform to the shape of the metal or plastic cover.

Extol manufactures “Excel-Lap” shiplap construction on Cellular Glass, Polyisocyanurate, Extruded Polystyrene and Phenolic foam insulation materials. The minimum wall thickness of insulation is 2 inch and the maximum thickness is 3 inch thick. Each ‘Excel-Lap” order is custom fabricated to meet your exact project requirements and provide optimum insulation performance and service life.

 We recommend that cryogenic applications and process lines that cycle on a regular basis from hot to cold service be installed with multiple layer construction to accommodate expansion and contraction of the insulation material in service.

Extol Excel-Lap System Product Data Sheet

Extol Excel-Lap System Sales Brochure