Extol furnishes a one-step wrap around pipe insulation for large diameter piping or small vessels and equipment for 16 inch O.D. and above. “Iso-Wrap”® was developed to provde an economical factory-fabricated insulation system for above ambient systems. It provides a made-to-order system guaranteed to fit. A factory-applied jacket is integrally laminated to the pre-cut insulation. The jacketing includes a longitudinal overlap and a circumferential butt-strip is supplied for complete weather-sealing.


Extol of Ohio’s “Iso-Wrap”® insulation is fabricated from cellular, moisture resistent materials such as Cellular Glass, Extruded Polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate and Phenolic Foam. Produced to the exacting fabrication tolerances of ASTM C 450 and C 585 our segmental fabrication assures a tight, closed fit with minimal loss of thermal efficiency. Composite insulation systems are available, combining the best aspects of multiple products. It is available in half-inch increments from 1 inch to 6 inch thick and is laminated to the jacket system of choice.


 “Iso-Wrap” (R) reduces field application time with quick, simultaneous application of the insulation and jacketing. Uses may be engineered for both above and below ground applications. Extol’s fabrication advantages are additionally able to help eliminate costly field fitting, as this product may also be fabricated to accommodate heat tracing. “Iso-Wrap” (R), with a ‘breathable’ jacket may also be used to retrofit over existing insulation. Our cellular, impermeable insulation products, with design to raise the inter-face temperature, allow you to drive out moisture in an existing above ground system, returning the original insulation to thermal efficiency.


Extol ISO-Wrap System Product Data Sheet

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