Complete Your Low-Temperature Installation with Pre-Fabricated Valve Insulation & Jackets That Fit! EXTOL Proven Products Extol of Ohio, Inc., in business since 1962, has specialized in providing quality fabricated insulation systems for refrigeration processes common to the food and beverage industry. We use cellular, rigid materials to supply constant thermal performance plus moisture and corrosion resistance.

EXTOL Advantages

Our quality, precision cut 2-piece insulation valves fit the contour of the most complex valve shapes. This reduces installation time and saves you money. To provide a USDA accepted system for indoor insulation, we have teamed with PIC Plastics to provide heavy duty (.030″) white UVR PVC Valve covers to fit T-Shaped valves, Y-Shaped valves and Control Valves with Strainers. Colors are also available.

Meeting Demanding Deadlines

Through our continuing development efforts we now provide custom matching PVC, Metal or Fiba-Clad Covers for the non-standard shapes found with valves, valve groupings, Control valves with Strainers and for non-standard Y-Shapes for both indoor and outdoor roof applications.

Each pre-formed valve order is custom fabricated to meet your demanding project requirements and schedule. Experience Extol’s on-time performance!


Reduced Energy Expenditures

Un-insulated valves and flanges create excessive heat gains for your refrigerant piping. Extol’s Valve Insulation will equip your system with continuous process control.

Call us for help with an Energy Analysis of your specific application. The return on investment information may aid in the justification of expenditures for insulation upgrades to your facility or for your client.


Other Capabilities

At Extol of Ohio, we have gone one step further than the valve component. We furnish an “Entire Insulation System for Refrigeration” utilizing Styrofoam, Isocyanurate, Cellular Glass, Phenolic and Perlite.

Our recommended insulation applications incorporate appropriate accessories, such as; weather and vapor barrier jackets and cladding, mastics, caulking and joint sealers which are compatible with each insulation product.

Mechanical components of the system, such as; vapor stops, expansion/contraction joints, supports and slip-joints are detailed.

Worst case scenario recommended insulation thickness charts suggested by the manufacturers are provided. And, there is an Inspection Check List provided for your project managers.

Call us for a copy of “Extol Insulation Specifications for Cold and Hot Services”. All Quality products represented are available from Extol of Ohio, Inc.

Valve Manufacturers and Valve Types Insulated

Extol has formed alliances with the most recognizable names in the food industry: Frick, Hansen, Henry, Herl, Refrigerating Specialties and Vilter.

Our valve capabilities extend from the smallest iron or stainless steel pipe size to many of the larger pipe diameters found on your major projects.

We fabricate Screwed/Socket Weld, Butt Weld and Flanged:

  • Globe and Angle Valves (both T and Y Shaped)
  • Check Valves
  • Expansion Valves
  • Control Valves with Strainers


All insulation; Styrofoam, Isocyanurate, Cellular Glass, Phenolic and Perlite conforms to the exacting tolerances of ASTM C450 and C585.

Most valve insulations are available in half inch increments insulation thickness from 1″ to 4″ thick.

Note: Some valves with insulation thicknesses above 2″ may need the bonnet cut down in order to have the packing nut exposed. Additionally, you may choose to obtain your valves with removable plugs to cover exposed valve stems.









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