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Extol Fabricated Pipe Covering

Fabricated Excellence

Fabricated Excellence Extol Fabricated Pipe Covering is designed for use in the industrial and commercial insulation industry. Available in single and multiple layers along with a wide variety of vapor retarder jacketing’s, Extol Fabricated Pipe Covering is easy to specify, order and install. From the typical to the most complex applications, our pipe covering fits and performs. Extol of Ohio Inc has been the leader in fabrication of closed cellular insulation systems for over 35 years. We are known around the globe for quality products fabricated from the very best materials with technical service that is second to none. We put that philosophy and our reputation into every section of pipe covering that we make.

Setting the Standard Through Customization

When it comes to engineering a quality product, one size does not fit all. Extol Fabricated Pipe Covering is designed based on information that is unique to your application and in accordance with ASTM standards. They are fabricated to your specification.

Broad Range of Sizes

Extol Fabricated Curved Segments are fabricated in a broad range of sizes and thickness’s to fit large bore piping, duct and vessel / tank sides. Available in diameters 23” and larger and thickness from 1” through 8”, Extol Fabricated Curved Segments are fabricated to fit the curvature of the substrate and can be installed in a wide range of applications to provide consistent thermal performance.


  • Foamglas – ASTM - C552
  • Foamular – ASTM – C578 Type IV
  • Mineral Wool – ASTM – C612
  • Phenolic – ASTM-1126
  • Polyisocyanurate – ASTM – C591
  • Styrofoam – ASTM C578 Type XIII
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