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Extol Fabricated Insulation for Waterworks Applications

Fabricated Excellence

Extol of Ohio Insulation systems for Waterworks applications are fabricated for pipe and tank systems that carry Water, Storm water and for Sanitary sewer systems. They are designed to work in the harshest environments. Extol of Ohio Inc has been the leader in fabrication of closed cellular ridged insulation systems for refrigeration, chilled water, steam, process, oil and gas as well as Waterworks applications for over 35 years. We are known around the globe for our quality and service. Our products are made from the very best materials. Our technical service is second to none. We put our reputation into every product that we make.

Setting the Standard Through Customization

When it comes to engineering a quality product, ones size does not fit all. Extol of Ohio Fabricated Insulation systems can be designed based on information that is unique to your application. Our systems are fabricated for your Waterworks project.

Broad Range of Fabricated Insulation Products for Waterworks Applications

Extol of Ohio Waterworks Insulation includes systems for above and below grade. They are made to fit Ductile, PVC, HDPE, Iron, Stainless steel and copper pipe systems. We fabricate our products to fit pipe fittings, Valves, expansion joints, Bells, Mechanical joints, flanges, tanks and supports. Our products have been used extensively nation wide for bridge crossing, direct burial, and above grade.

ASTM Standards

ASTM Standards
Extol Insulated Supports
manufactured in accordance
with the following standards

  • Extruded Polystyrene ASTM
    C578 Type XIII, Type VI
  • Cellular Glass ASTM C552
  • Polyisocyanurate ASTM C591
  • Phenolic ASTM C1126
  • ASTM C585
  • ASTM A653
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